Living in the US for over 50 years, Los Angeles based Mr. Rao is a successful businessman well known in the hospitality industry worldwide. After completing his masters in Psychology and Hotel Management, he pursued education in Law before diving in his career into hotel management.

He has owned and managed several top brand hotels in the US, followed by being rated as one of the top 2000 marketing personnel in the US by a New York Trade Magazine in 2007. Assisting as a hotel consultant and major food critic, he has represented the California State Tourism Department at several trade shows and conventions across the globe.

On January 25th, 2011, Mr. Rao was honored with the Hind Rattan Award for NRI’s in New Delhi for his accomplishments. From 1992-1997, Mr. Rao had a hand in assisting the entertainment industry in Los Angeles; organizing many film stars in their roles for various shows along with writing several short stories.

Mr. Rao is also a board advisor for the well-known medical foundation called “Everest Medical Foundation” based in Los Angeles. For the past five years, from the year 2014 he operates a medical management company based in India named as “US Medical Management India Pvt Ltd”, assisting Indian doctors migrating to the high-demanded and short-staffed hospitals in the United States for residency programs.

Travelling to and from India on a regular basis, he has opened two more companies, “EB-5 Counselors” and “Canada Immigration Services”, based in India where his companies provide immigration assistance to Indians seeking a green card in US and PR in Canada. He has also started a victim assistance non-profit organization called “Margadarshini”, finding abused Indian women and providing assistance to them.

The organization intends to raise five million dollars by 2020 with the help from the US and UK. As the founder and trustee, Mr. Rao leads this organization with the help of many women managing and operating the organization’s cause.