Depending on the program under which a candidate was issued an Invitation to Apply and the information provided in his or her Express Entry profile, the following documentation may be required:

  • Canadian Education Credential OR Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  • Letter of attestation and
  • Official transcripts of post-secondary education study program courses taken
  • Secondary education documents
  • IELTS scores if already taken
  • Pan card copy
  • Aadhar card copy
  • Passport copy( including passport copies of family members who move along).
  • Income tax returns copy of financial year.
  • Bank statements of one year.
  • Original letter from a Canadian employer indicating an offer of arranged employment
  • Proof of family relationship(s) in Canada
  • Proof of settlement funds
  • Legal documents showing changes in name or date of birth
  • Marriage certificate(s)
  • Signed Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union and documents attesting to cohabitation for a period of at least 12 months
  • Divorce or annulment certificate(s)
  • Death certificate(s) for former spouse(s) or common-law partner(s)
  • Children’s birth certificates
  • Adoption papers
  • Proof of full custody for children
  • Travel documents (non-passport)
  • Certified copy of a certificate of qualification in a skilled trade occupation issued by a Canadian provincial/territorial authority
  • Copies of work contracts and/or pay stubs
  • Documents relating to income taxation

Another way to immigrate to Canada super fast in 2019 is to get a Provincial Nomination from any of the 10 provinces of Canada. A nomination from any province will make you eligible to claim 600 additional immigration points thus increasing your chances of selection from the 2019 pool.

600 points is a huge boost and every applicant must thrive for it.

To get Provincial Nomination in 2019, you must know whether or not:

  1. You are meeting all the laid down eligibility requirements by the province
  2. Your Job profile is in demand in the province or listed in the NOC (National Occupation Code) list of the province 2019