Canada, the world’s second largest country, is a land of immense opportunities. Canada needs young, dynamic and well-educated skilled workers. It is a knowledge-based economy, Seeking Skilled Workers / Professional immigrants, who can meet the demands of the rapidly changing technological economy.

  • Canada is the second largest country in the world and nation of great ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Canada is a constitutional monarchy, but also a parliamentary democracy and a federation. The country is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories
  • Has different categories under PR visa to get maximum overseas professionals
  • Government, Provinces, Territories & Employers – all 4 majority stakes are a part of boosting immigration.
  • Canada had been declared as the best country in the world to live in, for 8 years consecutively by the United Nations till recently.
  • Canada’s economy has a growth rate of 4.7%
  • Canada offers free medical services to its Permanent Residents.
  • Education up to grade 13 is absolutely free. While higher education is subsidized.
  • Employment insurance is offered to a person, who has worked for a minimum of 20 weeks and thereafter, gets unemployed.
  • Total Canadian population is 30 million, with 3% of Indian population.
Reasons why individuals move to Canada from India

A large number of Indians are relocating to Canada. Since, Canada is extraordinary and novel as far as expectations for everyday comforts, working condition and raising a family is concerned. Canada has made simple approaches and principles as contrasted and other country’s migration arrangements.

Since decades, Indians used to relocate to Canada for study, work, business purposes, and residency. You will see Indians around the nation in abundance. But is it great to move to Canada from India in 2019?

Canada offers high business rate, security in economy and governmental issues, better life quality, and furthermore is a created propelled country. Its training framework and medicinal services framework is of world class quality, individuals come here for restorative treatment from the world.

Canada Immigration approaches are so adaptable and advantageous which pulls in the greater part of the Indians for picking up the permanent residency in Canada.

Steps to immigrate to Canada from India 2019

Canada Immigration is a systematic step-by-step process. Following is a proper channel for your immigration process that can get you your PR visa as the soonest:

  • Appear for IELTS examination
  • Hire an Immigration consultancy and get a pre –assessment of your application
  • Fill your Permanent Residency (PR) form online
  • Get your Education Credential Assessment (ECA) evaluation through authentic assessing board like WES
  • Work Experience Authentication
  • Medical Certifications
  • Police verification Certifications
  • Proof of funds arrangements
  • Filing for Visa Application

Canada immigration requirements for Skilled Worker

The basic eligibility criteria laid down by Canadian Immigration Authority is:

  • Age: Must not be more than 47 years.
  • Educational Qualification: Must not be less than 3 years (say Bachelors’) from a recognized university/ institution.
  • Work experience: Must not be less than 12 months in any skilled occupation listed in the occupation list of Canada.
  • Language ability: Must not be less than 7 bands in each module of general training IELTS examination.
  • These credentials must be able to get you 67 points out of 100 on Canada’s Point assessment grid.
  • Note that 67 points is the minimum eligibility score. To have a better chance of selection from the pool of candidates, you must try to score as much as you can.

Canada Immigration Benefits

The much desired status of Canada Permanent Resident comes with a bundle of perks! After gaining the PR status, you can liberally enjoy these rights and benefits in the country:

  • Right to be a legal civilian of the country.
  • Right to gain education/ study anywhere in the country.
  • Right to gain employment/work anywhere in the country.
  • Right to leave and re-enter to the country.
  • Right to have access to health facilities & schemes available to general public.
  • Right to apply for Citizenship after spending 3 consecutive years in the country.

Thus, a Permanent Resident Visa gives you a legal entitlement of a resident of the country. A Permanent Resident Visa is the first step towards gaining Citizenship of the country. A Citizen enjoys many other benefits in addition to the above mentioned ones. For example, Right to Vote and participate in government making decision.

Take your first step towards Canada Citizenship.

Canada Immigration through Express Entry Program in 2019 is a fast track mode of immigrating overseas. Canada’s Express Entry Program takes about 6 to 8 months. However, your application has to be error free and all documents have to be duly submitted if you want uninterrupted visa processing. Sometimes there are delays in your visa processing because of too many backlogs of applications or any additional documentation requirements asked by immigration authorities.

Doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time!