Immigration target set to 330,000 this year, a number never before. Welcoming 1 million immigrants by 2020. The government has stated that more people will be invited through Canada Permanent Resident Visa this year. Migrate to Canada under Express Entry Program. Get Free Counseling from an Expert from U.S and Canada.

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Want to make Canada as your home? Why wait get a “PR” and move in.

Migrate to Canada in 8 to 12 months.

Canada is the land of career opportunities for job seekers.

A great alternate to H1 B visa or EB-5 gets tougher for USA, Canada PR is easy access to US.

What makes us unique is we provide JOB assistance and post landing assistance in Canada.

Eligibility for Visa

  • Age below 47 years
  • Any bachelors degree       
  • Minimum 2 years of experience                                    
  • Good ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing English.                                                                                        

Eligibility for PR

  • Earn in dollars
  • Free Medical, education benefits
  • Employment benefits
  • Safety and security benefits
  • Better standard of living                                                                             

Why choose us? We are here to ease!

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